Purchase, Design, & Building Process

Let ThermoBuilt bring your vision to life


Discovery & Budgeting

A preliminary budget based on your design or ours.

Every project starts with a vision, and a budget. During the planning stage of your home build, you are faced with a lot of questions, and we can help.

We provide complimentary, preliminary budgeting estimates based on the home design you want to build, and where you'd like to build it. Spending the time with you help you fully understand the pre-construction planning process, and supporting you and your team every step of the way is our specialty.


Project Initiation and Prep Meeting

It's time to plan for your new home.

Once you have initiated your project with your project deposit and agreement, your project manager coordinate your pre-construction planning checklist.  During this stage, we'll help you develop and finalize the living space design and elevations you'll want for your new home.

If you are already working with an architect or designer, we will dedicate the resources they may need to design your home that will be compatible with our super energy efficient wall and roof system.


Design, Customization, and Engineering

Your new home starts to come to life

States, counties, and municipalities require varying levels of details and requirements for building compliance.  For example, if a structural engineer is required to review your plans for structural and architectural code compliance, we can provide you referrals to firms who are experienced with the ThermoBuilt system.

Our ThermoBuilt project management team has experience in all 50 states and can assist you along the way to ensure compliance with your local building codes.

All projects are required to have a structural engineering review.


Permitting Assistance

Helping you with the approval process.

Once your new home has been designed and engineered for the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System, you may need to submit your plans to your local building department for review.

ThermoBuilt's project team assists you each step of the way, from preparing printed construction documents to answering questions that your building department may have about your new home.


Quote, Contract, Scheduling and Funding

Your purchase contract and project scheduling

Your pre-construction planning is now complete and you are ready to start preparing for your new home.

A comprehensive purchase budget will be developed for you based on the completed construction documents and materials lists for your build.  You are provided a purchase contract and delivery schedule based on your project.

Our ThermoBuilt Construction Support Team works directly with you, your providers, and suppliers to help ensure you have everything you need for your new ThermoBuilt home build, including materials delivery coordination.  They will also meet with your field professionals to review best practices and provide any support needed for using ThermoBuilt products.


Materials Delivery

We deliver your system based on your Project Plan

Your package is organized and coordinated for you by ThermoBuilt's project teams. Each aspect of your package is reviewed helping ensure each panel and framing member arrives and ready to be installed. Each panel is pre-measured, cut, labeled and delivered ready to be installed. The ThermoBuilt project team will help you with what to expect, and what you'll need to do when your materials arrive at your new home site.


On-going field support

We deliver your system based on your Project Plan

Our services don't stop with delivery. The ThermoBuilt project team is here to answer any questions that come up in the field. Support is available by calling the toll free project line or email.

PART OF A Zero Energy Ready Home


According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), every certified Zero Energy Ready Home features high-efficiency insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems that help surround you with even temperatures, low-humidity, and quiet in every room on every floor.

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A ready to install precision wall insulation panel for framed construction.


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