ThermoBuilt Roof System


Usable and Comfortable ... Covered.

Simply A Better Roof System.

Vaulted Ceilings &
Bonus Living Spaces
Every inch under the ceiling is conditioned living space.  You get vaulted ceilings throughout and can add bonus living square footage.
Radiant Barrier.
Added radiant foil barrier boosts the performance of the insulation.  No more uncomfortable heat radiating into your living areas below.
Year Round Comfort.
Unlike some SIP panels and cavity fill insulations, our panels provide better thermal performance the more extreme it gets outside, keeping you comfortable inside year round.
Breathing Roof.
ThermoBuilt Roof-50 System creates a negative pressure and works with nature to ventilate your roof with a continuous air flow.
Built Strong.
Built with engineered I-joists that are stronger than conventional truss roof systems.  Each truss is able to be installed by hand without the use of heavy equipment.
Prolongs Roof Life.
A breathing, continuous air flow below your roof sheathing creates natural ventilation, cooling off roof materials and solar units, prolonging their useful life.

vaulted ceilings. feature and function.


A fit for any design and any climate.


With ThermoBuilt's Roof-50 System, you gain vaulted ceilings throughout the home naturally helping to add dramatic open space features and make adding additional, useable living space easy and more most effective. Every inch under ceiling is insulated and climate controlled space.  ThermoBuilt Roof-50 prevents hot and uncomfortable air from radiating into the home, making upper levels comfortable and inexpensive to cool to comfortable.  Our high perforce R50 rated system is an essential part of super energy efficient Zero Energy Ready Home.

We engineer each roof assembly to ensure a strong and capable structure capable of dealing with extreme loads, like those in northern climates dealing with snow and and tropical climates dealing with wind loads.

Installing ThermoBuilt Roof-50 Insulation Panels
100% Conditioned and Livable Square Footage Under Roof.
ThermoBuilt Roof-50 System is R50 rated.
Metal Roof Installation Over ThermoBuilt Roof-50 System.

Add more usable square footage for less money

Homes designed with the ThermoBuilt Roof-50 System are able to add 50% or more of useable, livable square footage.  Every inch under ceiling is conditioned, usable and livable space.

A ThermoBuilt Roof-50 System eliminates hot, uncomfortable upper living spaces due to uncontrolled radiant heat that makes these spaces uncomfortable and expensive to heat and cool.

Enjoy the benefits of more space, more comfort, and much lower monthly energy bills.

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Partner with us to build your new, better home.

PART OF A Zero Energy Ready Home


According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), every certified Zero Energy Ready Home complies with a comprehensive set of standards to help minimize dangerous pollutants, provide continuous fresh air, and effectively filter the air you breathe.

Designed to work with all designs.


If you are working with an architect to design you home, this option is for you. ThermoBuilt will convert your plan for you at no charge.*


The ThermoBuilt Architectural Design Team will help you from concept and discovery to completed drawings for your dream home.  Our team helps you with planning for your build, including producing a full set of construction documents to help make your project a success.**


We offer stock plans that are ready for an immediate build. ^

We can customize any plan from our Ready  Packages to suit your needs, or you can search over 25,000 pre-drawn plans from our preferred plan partner, Architectural Designs.




Partner with us to design and build your better home.

* Restrictions apply. See ThermoBuilt Services for more details and limitations.
** Limited to architectural drawings.  Any engineering services to be conducted by professionals with applicable licenses.
^ Pricing, availability, and features may be limited or not available due to local building code requirements.