Benefits and Features of the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System.

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Better Health. Better Comfort. A Better Home.

There are many reasons for considering to build with an energy efficient home building system. Perhaps it's your first home, you currently suffer from poor quality indoor air, or you are looking for a way to create a secure future for you and your family.


All great reasons to consider building with the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System. Our building system and products are designed to provide you a path to a healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable way to live.


Homeowner Benefits.

Live Better in a ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope.

Better Health.

A tight envelope means cleaner air, less allergens and less pests.

The ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope is designed to maintain a healthy indoor air environment.  Our system helps keep excessive moisture, allergens, and pests out, and cleaner and fresher air in.


Better Comfort.

A Tighter Envelope Means a More Comfortable Home

With a superior insulating panel design, tight air seal, and the ability to withstand both excessively hot and cold climates, the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System produces a consistently comfortable home year-round.


Designed to exceed strict structural and energy standards

Residential Structural Building Standards and the Energy Codes required to be met continue to evolve into higher and higher standards.  Building a ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope means you're not only exceeding today's strict codes, you're meeting tomorrow's.

Meets or exceeds these strict standards:

25% More Living.

More living space doesn't have to cost a lot of money

Conventional built homes, including homes designed for spray foam insulation, notoriously under utilize the space under roof.

ThermoBuilt's Roof-50 System, part of the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope, creates naturally vaulted ceilings that produce dramatic living spaces.  These spaces are easily converted into bonus loft space, adding square footage without the drastic design changes.

More Savings.

Lower or Eliminate Energy Bills. Forever.

With energy costs continuing to rise, and conventionally built homes continuing to account for nearly half of all energy used in our country, high performance homes make sense.

The ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope is designed to be your path to reducing, and eliminating your paid home energy use ... forever.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), every certified Zero Energy Ready Home is so energy efficient a small solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of its annual energy consumption. This is why it is called as Zero Energy Ready Home.

Builder Benefits.

your path to more satisfied clients.

Built to be top 1%

Build America's best homes.

By using the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System, you're accounting for most major requirements of a Z.E.R.H.

ThermoBuilt offers additional services helping you to strategically complete the requirements to register your project a national Top 1% building.


Better Homeowner Satisfaction.

Reduced Call Backs. Increased Owner Satisfaction.

Homes built using the complete ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System means a home that experiences less water and air infiltration, two of the biggest causes for costly call-backs for builders.

Less call-backs equals greater client satisfaction with the builder.

Offer a bonus.

Vaulted Ceilings. Bonus Spaces.

ThermoBuilt's Roof-50 System, part of the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System, produces naturally vaulted ceilings, creating a more inviting living space.

Converting this space into a loft option allows you to add significant livable space without significant cost.

Offer vaulted ceilings or added loft space as standards.

Add Real Value.

Health + Savings + Comfort = Value

The homeowner experiences real value from the moment they move in. You're providing a home that will be comfortably enjoyed year-round, shields them from outside noise, provides healthier indoor air quality, and offers money savings by significantly reducing and eliminating energy costs all together.

easy to build.

Advanced framing concepts, along with insulation panels that are delivered labeled ready to install, the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope is one of the most labor efficient systems for energy efficient building.

Single step frame and insulating means you are ready for finish trades sooner.

Trade friendly service chases offer simplified installs of electrical and plumbing.



Our simplified building process produces a high performance energy envelope designed to provide an indoor environment that fosters healthy living free of allergens, pollutants, mold and mildew.


ThermoBuilt Products and the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System provide homeowners and builders all benefits of other high performance products, like SIPs, at rates that are significantly less.


When compared to other methods of energy efficient insulating, like Spray Foam (SPF), exterior insulating finishing systems (EIFS), and and exterior insulation like (PolyISO) or (XPS), ThermoBuilt's Energy Envelope Building System products accomplishes a tighter envelope protected by better insulation that performs better in all climate zones.


Precision Measured Panels
R50 Roof Assembly
R32 and R38 Wall Assembly
Interior and exterior wall thermal break
Pest, Mold, and Mildew Resistant
advanced framing concepts
Ready-Frame Lumber Packages
Solar Ready
Adaptable to all designs

value added services

Project Planning & Consulting

Assistance for General Contractors and Licensed Builders on preparing an upcoming ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope project building best practices.

In House Custom Plan Conversions

Our team are experts at efficiently converting most home designs into a custom ThermoBuilt package.  We'll take your architectural design and assist you through a complete custom conversion to fit your requirements.

Convert almost any plan to the ThermoBuilt Energy Envelope System.

Solar Readiness Preparation

Structural roof design to accommodate the current or future desire for solar as a primary or supplemental energy resource.

HERs and Z.E.R.H. Rating Services

Energy modeling, HERs Rating services and D.O.E. Z.E.R.H. program qualification and registration. Become a Top 1% Builder nationwide.

Manual J Services and Consulting

Heating and cooling system sizing, duct mapping, fresh air exchange design and relative humidity control that is both balanced and high performing.

Unlimited Field Support

Though you'll find the provided Quick Start Guides and Installation Instructions easy to follow, our team is here to assist you ensuring a quality build with minimal down time.

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