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Compare to SIPs

Vs. SIPs
Read the ThermoBuilt "Fast Facts" below, then
watch the ThermoBuilt Construction in Varying Stages Video.

Offering TWICE the insulation at HALF the cost.

Genuine R-30 Walls & R-50 Roof.

Incredibly easy to assemble.

Offers no nutrient value (OSB) for pests.

Requires no heavy equipment, such as cranes, or heavy machinery to install panels.

Incredibly user-friendly system.  Requires basic carpentry/handyman skills.

Requires only manpower.  ThermoBuilt Kit Shells can be unloaded off freight truck by two adults in about 2 hours.

No need for house-wrapping.

Can be directly stuccoed.

Virtually no scrap, less waste: all materials are pre-measured, pre-cut, saving you on excessive clean-up and dump fees.

Eco-friendly:  ThermoBuilt Roof System panels are made of recycled EPS.  Thermobuilt DIY Kit shells use 1/3 less wood, and use young-growth timber.

Anyone considering SIPS construction should  give consideration to the ThermoBuilt System for the following advantages:


ThermoBuilt wall panels have SIPs insulating power, however ThermoBuilt wall panels offer TWICE the insulation of SIPs at HALF the cost.  Additionally, ThermoBuilt Wall and Roof System panels are easier to assemble as they require no heavy machinery, such as cranes, nor heavy equipment, to erect.  ThermoBuilt Wall and Roof system panels require only manpower.  Depending on the size of your ThermoBuilt DIY Kit Home Shell, two adults can unload all ThermoBuilt Kit materials in about two hours and the ThermoBuilt Wall System panels can go up in as little as 3-4 days.

ThermoBuilt:  Direct Application of Stucco/Brick/Siding to Wall Panels & Other Additional Savings

The ThermoBuilt super-insulated shell may be directly stuccoed as well.  ThermoBuilt Wall and Roof System panels are supported by 2 x 6 studs (vs. conventional use of 2 x 4 studs) on 24" centers for easy application of drywall and siding or brick.  ThermoBuilt Kit Shells do not require house-wrapping, thus saving an additional day(s) of labor, as well as labor costs and house-wrapping materials costs.

ThermoBuilt:  Strong & Energy-Efficient, Yet Unlike SIPS, Requires   No Heavy Equipment, Only Manpower to Build

The ThermoBuilt Roof System is an amazing and genuine R-50.  It is also easy to assemble and again requires only manpower, and no heavy equipment or machinery, thus reducing labor costs, machinery rental costs, and fuel costs.  Like SIPs construction, ThermoBuilt DIY Kit Home Shells provide the bonus of usable, livable loft space or insulated storage, however at a lower cost to you than that of SIPs construction.  Watch the Builder's video below:

TRUCK TO SLAB:  ThermoBuilt Wall and Roof System panels require no heavy equipment or machinery, just manpower.  You can assemble and erect the wall panels of your ThermoBuilt DIY Kit Home Shell, depending on the size, in as little as 3-4 days.

ThermoBuilt Homes --- great for your pocketbook and the Planet.