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Affordable Alternative to SIPs construction

Project Showcase

ThermoBuilt has been helping builders and homeowners build better homes for over 30 years.  View one of our current projects through various stages of development.

We build products that are good for the builder, the owner, and the community

Besides saving ThermoBuilt Homeowners thousands of hard-earned dollars on the rising costs of energy, ThermoBuilt's extraordinarily Energy-Efficient Home Shells leave behind little waste and use 30% less wood than frame houses.

ThermoBuilt Homes save you money

Build it for Savings

ThermoBuilt Homeowners can expect 30-80% savings on their monthly utility bills.* 

ThermoBuilt Homes R-37 Walls and R-50 Roof =
Superior Energy Efficiency.

ThermoBuilt Homes are built for strength

Build it Strong

Built to National Building Codes. ThermoBuilt homes are stronger than conventionally built frame houses, and use 2x6 or 2x8 studs instead of common 2x4 method.

ThermoBuilt Homes are Easy to Build homes

Build with Ease

ThermoBuilt Panels are easy to install and work with on the job site.  Plus, they are pest resistant, mildew resistant, flame retardant and won't deteriorate over time.  ThermoBuilt Panels even help soundproof your home from outside noises.

* Energy savings will vary and depends largely on typical usage, number of members living in household, and climate demands.  Other factors may apply.

1,000+ sq.ft. ready made designs starting at $14.95 a sq.ft.

ThermoBuilt Homes are compliant in all 50 states

Build in any community

All ThermoBuilt System KITS are built to National Building Code, so it's quick and easy to get approved by your local permitter.

Super Energy Efficient Home Design

More efficient for building

The ThermoBuilt system is a variation on conventional construction, and doesn't require any heavy construction equipment.

ThermoBuilt Homes are Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly materials

With ThermoBuilt you can finally build green, live better, live healthier, save thousands of your hard-earned dollars, and dramatically lower your energy consumption.